Embark on a journey across the room to uncover hidden gems, coins, and various other treasures that a pirate may collect on his many adventures across the seven seas.
Tom’s Treasure Trove is an interactive scavenger hunt - players use a tablet or smartphone to interact with virtual objects in real space. This augmented reality experience begins as the game’s mascot Tom the Pirate instructs the player to collect as many coins and gems as they can by roaming around the playing area. Using physical images to map 3D objects, players will search for 3D models using the device’s camera. Once found, the player may tap the object to collect it. After time is up, players return to the starting area to get their score and claim their prize.
Group that worked on Project
Pooja Arshanapally, Justin Hanen, Morgan Dinse, Joshua Short, Brianna Kastner, Jesse Maniccia, Chris Owens
The game was made using Unity 5 and Vuforia. I was one of the designers and the only programmer on the team.
The Images below are the one's that you need to print out the get the project working. You will also need a Andriod device to download the application onto.
Link for app: No Current Link